The 'IEEE TBME Respiratory Rate Benchmark' dataset is a well known dataset specifically designed for the purpose of developing and testing respiratory rate estimation algorithms. It is hosted by CapnoBase.


The dataset contains electrocardiogram (ECG), pulse oximetry (photoplethysmogram, PPG) and capnography signals acquired from 42 patients during elective surgery and routine anaesthesia.

A Matlab script is available for extraction of this dataset, and conversion into the necessary format for use with the algorithms used in this project.


Exemplary CapnoBase Signals: The three types of relevant simultaneous signals contained within the CapnoBase Dataset are shown (from top): Capnography (CO2) signals; ECG signals; PPG signals.


This dataset has been used in the literature to evaluate algorithms for estimation of respiratory rate. Further details are available on CapnoBase.

Link to download

The dataset can be downloaded here. The Matlab script for extraction of the dataset can be downloaded [tbc].