Teaching Resources

This page provides links to resources which I have used in teaching.

Software Packages

I have found the following software packages particularly helpful during my research:

Search Engines for Finding Publications

The following search engines have been useful for finding publications:

Relevant Journals

I have found the following journals to be highly relevant in my research into physiological measurement techniques, and in the broader field of biomedical engineering:

In addition, this webinar provides a useful “introduction to best practices for refereeing a journal manuscript”, including a referee report template. This webpage gives top tips on writing a good review.


Here are some of the publicly available algorithms which I have found helpful, and which I would recommend. They are written for Matlab ® .

Beat Detectors

Signal Quality Assessment

Physiological Parameter Estimation

Data Repositories

I have used these data repositories to make resources publicly available:

Matlab ® Scripts

I have found the following Matlab ® scripts very helpful:

This publication provides some helpful tips on writing code.


Lecture Courses and Presentations


Ethics Resources

Careers Resources

Public Engagement Resouces