Photoplethysmography Datasets

A list of publicly available datasets containing photoplethysmogram signals.

P. Charlton (data from the MIMIC III Waveform Database)


This table provides a list of publicly available datasets containing photoplethysmogram signals. Further details are available in: Wearable Photoplethysmography for Cardiovascular Monitoring.


Dataset Ref No. subjs Other signals Description
UK Biobank (Field 4205) - 205,357 None simultaneous. BP in same visit Single finger PPG waves from middle-aged subjects.
MIMIC Critical Care Database ref 10,000s (growing) ECG, BP, resp, others Recordings from critically-ill adults and neonates, lasting from minutes to days. Typically at finger.
VitalDB ref 6,153 ECG, BP, resp, others Finger PPG recordings from patients during operations.
MESA Dataset ref 2,056 ECG, resp, others Finger PPG recordings from adults undergoing polysomnography.
MIMIC PERform Training and Testing ref 400 ECG, resp Recordings from critically-ill adults and neonates, lasting 10 minutes. Typically at finger.
SOMNIA Database ref 100s (growing) ECG, resp, others Wrist PPG recordings from children and adults undergoing polysomnography.
PPG-BP Database ref 219 - Three finger recordings from adults aged 20-89 with and without CVD, $\approx$ 3 waves per recording.
Sleep Disordered Breathing Database ref 146 - Finger recordings lasting $\geq$ 3 hours, acquired from children referred for polysomnography.
ECSMP ref 89 ECG, accel, others Wrist recordings acquired from healthy subjects during a protocol designed to induce different emotions.
Pulse transit time during vasoconstriction Dataset ref 86 ECG, BP $\approx$ 35-min wrist and finger recordings during cold pressor and active stand tests.
Vortal Dataset ref, ref 57 ECG, resp 10-min finger and ear recordings before and after exercise from healthy adults aged 18-39 and \textgreater 70.
BIDMC ref 53 ECG, BP, resp 8-min recordings from critically-ill adults (a subset of the MIMIC-II dataset).
CapnoBase ref 42 ECG, resp 8-min recordings from paediatrics and adults during elective surgery and anaesthesia.
Bed-based BCG Dataset ref 40 ECG, BCG, BP Recordings from adults whilst at rest.
MIMIC PERform AF Dataset ref 35 ECG, resp Recordings from critically-ill adults categorised as either AF (19 subjects) or normal sinus rhythm (16 subjects), lasting 10 minutes. Typically at finger.
Real-World PPG dataset ref 35 - Recordings from healthy subjects aged 10 to 74 years old: several 6-second recordings per subject.
DEAP Database ref 32 ECG, resp, video, others Thumb recordings from young, healthy subjects whilst watching one-minute 40 videos.
University of Queensland Vital Signs Dataset ref 32 ECG, resp, BP, EEG Recordings from patients during anaesthesia, ranging from minutes to hours in duration.
ESUM SNF Project Dataset ref 31 accel, EDA Wrist recordings whilst walking.
MARSH Dataset ref 29 ECG, resp 15-min finger recordings during spontaneous and metronome-guided breathing.
Non-invasive BP Estimation ref 26 ECG, BP, PCG Finger recordings from healthy adults.
gyro-acc-ppg Dataset ref 24 ECG, accel, gyro Wrist recordings from healthy subjects during an exercise protocol lasting 12 minutes.
Pulse Transit Time PPG Dataset ref 22 ECG, multiwavelength PPG Finger recordings from healthy subjects during sitting, walking and running.
Welltory-PPG-dataset ref 21 RR intervals Smartphone recordings acquired from the index finger in contact with the camera.
Wearable and Clinical Devices Dataset ref 18 ECG, resp, accel, EDA Wrist PPG recordings acquired for 5 mins at rest, and 5mins whilst walking on spot.
PPG-DaLiA Data Set ref 15 ECG, resp, accel, EDA Recordings acquired for $\approx$ 2.5 hours during a protocol of daily living activities.
WESAD Data Set ref 15 ECG, resp, accel, others Recordings acquired in a $\approx$ 2 hour protocol designed to amuse, stress, and relax.
iAMwell Dataset - 15 ECG, resp $\approx$ 20-min recordings before, during and after running.
Simultaneous Measurements Dataset ref 13 ECG, accel, resp Recordings from adults at rest and during cognitive and physical tasks.
IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2015 ref 12 ECG, accel, two PPGs $\approx$ 5-min recordings during intensive physical exercise from males aged 18-35.
AffectiveROAD Dataset ref 10 accel, EDA Recordings acquired whilst driving a car for $\approx$ 86 minutes from mostly young adults.
Labeled raw PPG Signals - 9 - Finger recordings acquired at rest for $\approx$ 20-40 minutes from healthy adults.
HYPE Dataset ref 9 intermittent BP Wrist recordings from hypertensive subjects: 8 subjects during stress tests, and 9 subjects during 24-hour monitoring.
Wrist PPG During Exercise ref 8 BP, accel Wrist recordings acquired from adults aged 22-32 during walking, running and bike riding.
PPG-ACC Dataset ref 7 accel Wrist recordings acquired from healthy adults aged 20-52 during rest, squatting and stepping.
Raw PPG Signal in Varying Levels of Activity - 5 - Finger recordings acquired at rest, talking and walking for $\approx$ 10 mins each from healthy adults.
PPG-Diary ref 1 two PPGs A 28-day thumb recording from a healthy adult, with annotations of activities of daily living.
Eight-Emotion Sentics Dataset ref 1 EMG, GSR, resp 25-min recordings during a protocol to evoke emotions from 1 subject each day for 20 days.
Pulse Wave DataBase ref 4,374 (synthetic) BP, blood flow, others Single simulated PPG pulse waves representative of healthy adults aged 25-75.
Photoplethysmography in dogs and cats ref 21 (animals) three PPGs $\approx$ 10-20 sec recordings at several arterial sites from 11 dogs and 10 cats.

Defintions: resp - respiratory signal; PCG - phonocardiogram; accel - acceleromertry; gyro - gyroscope; EDA - electrodermal activity; EMG - electromyogram; GSR - galvanic skin response; ICP - intracranial pressure.


Original source (adapted under CC BY 4.0):

  • P. H. Charlton et al., ‘Wearable Photoplethysmography for Cardiovascular Monitoring’, Proceedings of the IEEE, vol.110(3), pp.355-381, 2022. DOI: 10.1109/JPROC.2022.3149785

Version: 15 March 2022

Further Reading

For further information on photoplethysmography, please see the following review paper: Wearable Photoplethysmography for Cardiovascular Monitoring.

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