Improving the efficiency of AF screening

Image credit: M. Pandiaraja et al. (CC BY 4.0) - originally from Zenicor Press Material


In this presentation I provided insights into potential strategies to improve the efficiency of AF screening, using data from the SAFER Programme. The SAFER Programme is an ongoing body of research led by the University of Cambridge, investigating whether screening for atrial fibrillation is effective and cost effective in reducing stroke and other key outcomes compared to current practice. In this talk, I firstly consider the key questions which the research is addressing, and what is known about them so far. Secondly, I present our work on optimising the screening approach to reduce costs whilst maintaining its effectiveness. Thirdly, I provide some insights into what screening might look like in the future.

Nov 9, 2021 1:00 PM — 2:00 PM
Mini-symposium on engineering techniques for atrial fibrillation modelling, diagnosis, phenotyping and treatment
Online, hosted by Technion Institute of Technology

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Peter Charlton
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